• way2www is a growing software service provider among the offshore software development company in Raipur. way2www has robust and world class software development methodology. Our main focus is to provide need based solution with added value in your budget.

      Essential phases of the software development process include:
    • • Market Evaluation
    • • Gathering required information for finding the best possible business solution
    • • Critical analysis of the requirement
    • • Designing a proper plan for achieving the targeted solution
    • • Implementation of the plan
    • • Quality-check of created solution
    • • Maintenance and fixing errors

    way2www's software development solution address the automation process of various functions that are currently performed manually. Our experienced team can help to make your business more effective by our software development process.

  • Everybody has a website today.But how will you make your website special?
    The answer is web designing. It is the trick to make your site stand out and generate maximum traffic. Being a web designer company in India, we create designs that are attractive and functional. After all, the website represents you and your business on the internet. It is important to have a website that is professional yet creative. Live Pages is one of the best web designers in India and makes websites that click.

    The web designing strategies:

      Web design implementation, in line with contemporary design trend and business standards.
    • • Easy to load, user friendly websites.
    • • Use of Javascript frameworks and libraries like Prototype, Jquery, etc.
    • • Proper use of Flash if needed.
    • • Complete knowledge of latest trends and techniques.
    • • Cross Browser Support for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Safari and others.
    • • Acquiescence with W3C standards: XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01., CSS 2.1 standards.
    • • escriptive of screen density, efficient information presentation and correct directional sense.
    • • Use of distinct CSS file to describe overall color themes and styles.
    • • Sharp navigation system.

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  • Building up an effective visual communication with the viewers by using some images, texts, symbols etc is the main purpose of graphic design. In order to get an impressive result, the focus of web graphic design should be solely on spreading the message of an organization to targeted viewers. Fancy design, use of bright colors can distract the attention of the viewers and this is certainly not desirable. An ideal blend of creative inputs along with professional touch can fulfill this complex requirement. However, none but an experienced web graphic designer would be able to maintain this fine balance while designing a business card or corporate logo. We at Graphic Design India are well aware of this requirements of our clients and therefore we are offering a wide range of graphic design services that includes logo design, corporate identity design, corporate logo design, letterhead design, business card design, envelop design, brochure design etc at an affordable rate.

      Some of our specialties are:
    • •  A team of professional and vibrant web graphic designers.
    • •  Enviable global presence.
    • •  Providing world-class service at a competitive rate.
    • •  Possess a strong analytic power to understand our client's requirements.
    • •  We can meet deadline without compromising with the quality of work.

  • Want to get your website in the Top 10 on the major search engines?
    Do you wonder how your competitors end up with top rankings when someone searches for keywords related to your products and services ?
    And get all the visitors who should have visited your sites and ordered your products?
    Now, your website can also appear in the top 10. Get highly targeted traffic and convert them to paying customers. Set your cash registers ringing!

    How do we get you in the top10?
    We achieve this by doing search engine optimization of your web site and introducing elements which help the search engines rank your website in better position. Your message goes to search engine loud and clear and your rank shoots up from an obscure 3000 something to a Top 10. We do it without employing any objectionable and unethical tricks so that your rank stays for long - without the risk of getting banned. We just put in some tasty spider food.

    How do you gain by this search engine optimization?
    A good search engine rank is a certain method of getting highly focused sales leads because the prospects have actively searched for your products or services. Compare this to an expensive banner ad which most people anyway ignore.

  • Social media marketing is the process of promoting a site, business or brand through social media channels by engaging and interacting with existing consumers or potential consumers as compared. In this methodology we deal through internet marketing and also non-internet based methodologies are also used. This technique is basically used for receiving large amount of traffic for their websites and also enables marketers to build links. SMO refers to the process of trying to get already established content distributed more widely across many social media platforms. This is also not limited to just adding links to service providers such as Digg, Reddit and Del.icio.us so that these pages can be easily submitted to and for these providers. Apart from this there is an off-page trait of social media marketing. Off-page tactics used for social media marketing would include writing content that is compelling, unique and remarkable to its viewers. The foundations of social media marketing provide numerous benefits to those who are targeted by the social media marketer. Consumers of social media gain benefits from these targeted initiatives in a multitude of ways including entertainment, education, market research and the ability to engage with brands directly

  • Communication in the business environment has metamorphosed in many ways. It is no longer enough to derive strategies to reach out to people in the spectrum: consumers, stakeholders, associates and employees through traditional mode of communication. Today, brand communication is all about individually connecting with people and retaining that connect. Managing and maintaining this connect in the highly competitive market is a complex and an expensive task. We provide cost effective End-to-End Enterprise Mobile Messaging Service with high service level availability that is unmatched in the industry.

      Our Services encompass the whole gamut of mobility solutions adding immense value to enterprises by:
    • • Increasing the communication speed which in turn increases the efficiency of an organization.
    • • Reducing the external as well as internal communication costs considerably.
    • • Personalizing all the communication.
    • • Introducing the new customer touch point.

    way2www is growing in chhattisgarh for mobile value added services like Mobile Advertising, SMS Marketing and Bulk SMS Messaging services.

    Promotional SMS

    Package NameValidityUnit
    1,00,000 SMSUnlimited10 Paisa / SMS
    10,00,000 SMSUnlimited8 Paisa / SMS
    50,00,000 SMSUnlimited6 Paisa / SMS
    1,00,00,000 SMSUnlimited5 Paisa / SMS

    Transactional SMS

    Package NameValidityUnit
    1,00,000 SMSUnlimited20 Paisa / SMS
    2,00,000 SMSUnlimited16 Paisa / SMS
    10,00,000 SMSUnlimited14 Paisa / SMS
  • Words can create, words can destroy, words can borne revolution. Words express ideas and emotions. If the right words are not used it can lead to miscommunication.
    A content-rich website can create a marked difference in its ability to bring in traffic. Innovative design, keyword rich and understandable content contributes in making a website attractive. A website needs to be interactive yet informative. The website should be clear about the products and services it provides. The visitor needs to easily comprehend the content and get an overall view of the business type and its values. A well written and interactive website succeeds in inviting and retaining more traffic. This is the reason why the importance of content writing has increased dramatically in the past few years. We at way2www are well aware of the strengths of content writing and therefore we are trying to offer best quality content writing services at a competitive rate.
    way2www, a quality service provider in web solutions, excels in the field of developing web content writing. An experienced and creative team handles your requirements with care and designs for you an innovative and informative website. Our content writers are equally versatile in website copywriting, SEO copywriting, article writing and other types of content writing.

    • Website Copywriting
      The primary objective of a website is showcased through its rich content. Your website needs to be stylish yet informative. A visually appealing website contributes in flocking a large number of visitors. Your website should be understandable and keyword rich to make the search easy.
    • SEO Copywriting
      SEO Copywriting is very significant in website designing. Simple, original and search-friendly content is the show-stealer of a well-known site. Well-researched, keyword-rich content contributes in grabbing the biggest pie of the market share for online marketing. The primary objective of our seasoned SEO copywriters is to provide you with good optimized content with effective use of keywords.
    • Article Writing
      The Sea of knowledge is vast. Millions of people wish to drown themselves in this deep sea. They search for their desired topics on the Internet. Day by day the demand of online articles is at a flux. These articles should be informative and well written to attract and retain visitors. This can contribute to the success of the website. Trust Quality Web Solutions a well-known content writing company, for creative and interesting articles on the website. Our experienced team devotes their creativity to your success.

    We provide content writing for our valuable clients on just 200 Rs. per Page

  • "Annual Maintenance Contract"

    • We keep your computers working
      Your business has become highly dependent on computers and you dread the thought of your computer developing a problem at the wrong moment, when you need it the most. Why don't you get an annual maintenance contract with us and relax? We will :
      • attend your faulty computer in the shortest possible time, usually the same day.
      • repair/replace the defective components (at our cost for comprehensive warranty).
      • do preventive maintenance of your computer every month.
      • optimise the settings so that they work efficiently.
      • check for virus, once every month.
      • make sure you can connect to your network flawlessly

    • "Anti-virus Solutions for Worry-free computing"

      As you are aware, virus is a small program, which can cause severe productivity loss by deleting/corrupting data and important files. Sometimes it even goes to the extent of rendering your computer non-working.
      You can protect your system from such a disaster by installing a good anti-virus program. This in turn will monitor the file operations and e-mails effectively. It will prevent the virus from entering your system and causing severe damage.
      We have anti-virus solutions for stand-alone computers, network servers as well as LAN nodes. If virus has already infected your computers, we can provide virus-cleaning services to eliminate the virus lurking in your system.

    • "Remote Connectivity Solutions"

      How many times have you wished that you could access your office computer from your home or your factory computer from office? Do you want to view reports from a remote computer lying at a different location? Well, we have several remote connectivity solutions for such situations and many more.

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